How To Stop Overthinking & Relax

An overthinking is an art of problem that does not exist. If it continues for a long time then it will lead you to chronic depression, that chronic depression will lead to severe damage to your mental health.

In the end, your endless thoughts and restless mind will make you dislike yourself and ruin your happy and peaceful life that you once lived.

Further, it stops you to focus on your daily and long term goals and make you unsuccessful in life.

If you take me I have hands-on experience in overthinking which I suffered for over 4 years. I spent my days full of thinking and worrying about the past and future.

These frustrating thoughts made my days darker and prevented me to complete my essential tasks. But now I overcame this toxic habit after changing my daily habits.

So if overthinking making your life hell, then don’t worry I found the solution for you to stop overthinking completely. You can overcome this life ruining habit After reading this Post.

What is Overthinking Really?

Overthinking is repetitive thinking of thoughts that arises to every human who are sensitive to their thoughts & emotions. But we can cure them, if we realize our thoughts are meaningless & powerless if we don’t react to them.

What Causes Overthinking?

The Causes of overthinking varies for different people. For some it causes due to staying alone or feeling lonely, for some, it causes due to negative emotions like fear, sadness, or worrying about the past & future, or for some, it causes due to underestimating and comparing themselves to others.

The Negative Effects of Overthinking

If you’re a chronic overthinker then there may be chances that you have faced these below mental and physical problems.

Repetitive thinking can lead to fear, frustration, depression, insomnia, lack of concentration, demotivation, Anxiety, doubting and more worse conditions.

Here is the working guide to get rid of overthinking completely in your life.

1. Don’t React to Your Thoughts

Every human has a mind and every mind built to think. So thinking is our nature but the real problem arises when we overthink. The mind is not made to think only positive or negative thoughts, it is made to think both.

So if your mind produces good thoughts, take it and if your mind produces bad thoughts, ignore it. But don’t go deep on either two things as these will create unnecessary Emotions and tend to overthink.

Don't try to control your thoughts, it's difficult. Instead, try not to react to your thoughts. This will help you to empty your mind at the same time keeps you more productive.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

-Charles R. Swindoll

2. Live in the Present

The best way to stay happy & the best solution to stop overthinking is to live in the present. Not only overthinking, but also we can almost avoid all problems & troubles in our life when we stay in the present.

Because both past & future does not exist, only the present is real so instead of wasting your time dwelling in the past & future, live in the moment & enjoy your life.

3. Change Your Lifestyle

Nothing will change until you change. If you're living in a negative atmosphere then it's time to change now. Surround yourself with good people, find & change the daily habits that make you overthinker.

Build new & healthy habits like reading, meditating & exercising especially follow these habits in your spare time because that's the time most people tend to overthink.

Do things that you love like playing sports, reading books, trekking, riding, etc. Don't be lazy, be active. Instead of wasting your life by overthinking, turn your living moments into unforgettable memories by doing great things that you love.

4. Avoid Multitasking

Though multitasking is good for more work done in a short time, it's not good for your mental health. Because committing to too many tasks or jobs gives you high stress & makes you think & plan them again & again.

These automatically results in overthinking. Some research also suggests multitasking is not good for your brain & may reduce your productivity by up to 40%.

Also, avoid too much planning & thinking about your goals. And it's the major reason that made me overthinker.

Setting goals is good & dreaming is good but you should never go deep on anything, otherwise, your thoughts & mind will kill your peace & happiness. If you have a lot of tasks to do then make a schedule or allocate some time for each task with appropriate rest intervals.

5. Meditate Daily

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years for its psychological benefits. The main goal of any meditation is to build self-awareness which helps you to stay conscious of your thoughts, actions & emotions.

Meditating consistently helps to change your brain pattern positively and offers significant mental benefits like a stable & calm mind, stress reduction, improving attention, concentration, patience & creativity. Meditation is the main reason why monks have extraordinary cognitive skills & balanced life.

Many research supports that mindfulness meditation provides a lot of mental benefits like above. So if you're serious about stopping overthinking then I recommend you to add 15 min meditating session to your daily routine which will transform your life better.

I also recommend you to read This Bestselling Book on practicing mindfulness which helps you to calm your overactive mind & live a Awakened Life through Meditation.

6. Follow A Healthy Diet

What we eat will have effects on our brain & body. It’s the brain that controls our thoughts, emotions & other functions in our body.

If you eat well then it’ll help you to keep your brain healthy. If you have a healthy brain then you can significantly avoid most of the mental problems like overthinking.

Hereafter try to follow a balanced & healthy diet every day. especially give more emphasis on fruits & vegetables because they are rich in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which good for healthy brain function.

Also, avoid consuming a lot of junk foods & sugars because they cause a lot of health problems in the future.

The Takeaway

Though overthinking is hard to give up for many people, it can be cured if you aware yourself.

Every thoughts that disturbing your mind now will seems nothing in future.

So Stop overthinking by staying yourself, not expecting anything, not going deep on anything & committing to your works & responsibilities.

Also, Change your living atmosphere & don’t Stay within four walls instead Spend a time with your Friends, family & travel to your favourite places, countries, or cities to avoid loneliness & overthinking. period.

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