17 Blogging Tools that will Automate Your Hours of Work

1. ConvertKit (Send Automated Email Campaigns & Blog updates)

2. Kinsta (Save Time on Managing your hosting)

  • Automatic scaling.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Automatic WordPress & server updates.
  • Ability to handle concurrent. visitors and sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Excellent speed & uptime.

3. Socialsnap (Share posts Automatically on social networks)

  • Drive more traffic by sharing your published blog posts automatically on Twitter, Linkedin & other social networks.
  • Boost your old posts by automatically sharing them on social networks
  • View your most shared content with their advanced analytics.
  • Make visitors share your content by Adding beautiful & less intrusive sharing icons across your site.

4. NordPass (Store All your Passwords in One Place)

5. Grammarly (Ease Your Writing with Auto Proofreading)

  • Checks spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.
  • Improves readability and clarity of your sentence.
  • Adjusts your content tone
  • Detects plagiarism.
  • Word choice & suggestions.

6. Tailwind (Schedule & Repin Posts on Autopilot)

7. Nitreo (Grow Your Instagram Followers Automatically)

8. SEMrush (Generate tons of post ideas in a single click)

9. Publishpress (Create Monthly Editorial Calendar)

10. FreshbBooks (Send Automated Invoices to your clients)

11. Yoast SEO (Auto-analyse On-page SEO for your content)

12. Adbutler (Automated Self serve ad platform)

13. Trello (Manage all your tasks in one place)

14. Google docs (Productive Writing Tool for Bloggers)

15. Evernote (Take Notes Anytime & anywhere)

16. Canva (Create stunning graphics for your posts)

17. Shutterstock (Save Time on finding Beautiful images)




Hi, I'm Yuvaraj, content writer and copywriter specialized in writing SEO and Conversion-focused content.

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Yuvaraj Murugan

Yuvaraj Murugan

Hi, I'm Yuvaraj, content writer and copywriter specialized in writing SEO and Conversion-focused content.

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